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EdYOUfest was conceived to be different! We want to be small, familiar and relevant, offering teachers opportunities to tell colleagues about their classroom ideas in an atmosphere of professional respect and encouragement. EdYOUfest is informal, flexible and inclined towards a bottom-up approach to conference programming, listening to what teachers are saying about their needs and wants in order to provide the attendees with as much relevant material as possible.

Our first event was in Genoa. Since then we’ve held events in Palermo, Paris and Street. This year we’ll be back in the English town of Street, Somerset, very near to the ancient pilgrimage place of Glastonbury. We’re planning an exciting line up of presenters, and, as ever, EdYOUfest is a workshop-based event.

*Participants need to have a minimum B2 English language level.


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Giovanni Rottura

Giovanni Rottura has spent his whole career working in the education industry. Although originally from Italy, he has been based in the UK since 1989 and is CEO at Gallery Teachers. Thanks to his dedication and good-natured sense of humour, he has always received top results. “Once I start running,” says Giovanni, “no one can catch me, except for Reuben, my chocolate Labrador.” Giovanni’s work with teachers across Europe and his support for teacher development projects is legendary.

Steve Hirschhorn

Steve Hirschhorn has been teaching and training teachers for around 40 years. He has lectured and delivered workshops from Peru to Japan and most stages in between, going the long way round! Steve has been a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, school Principal and Director of TESOL; he was External Examiner for three UK universities’ MA TESOL and English Language boards. He has written numerous articles on various aspects of teacher-training, teaching and learning language. During the 80s, Steve studied Silent Way and Suggestopedia and continues to develop ideas from the Humanistic Approaches. He enjoys surprising younger students with his knowledge of computers and even computer games! In the late 80s he created an IPA font which enables IPA writing rather than cut and paste systems (now at v7). He is currently busily retired.

Philip Pound

Philip Pound is from Ireland, and has been living in Tokyo, Japan for the past 6 years. He has also lived in the UK and China. Prior to teaching English in Asia, Philip worked as an advertising executive in Dublin, and worked in a number of sales positions in various industries. Philip is the founder of EFL Magazine which he set up in 2015. The magazine regularly get up to 50,000 readers per month, and has had hundreds of contributors over the past 3 years. Philip first became involved with EdYOUfFest for Sicily,2016.

Dorothy Zemach

Dorothy Zemach is a teacher trainer, author, writer, and editor based in Oregon, USA. She holds an MA in TESL from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA. After teaching ESL and foreign languages for over 25 years, she now concentrates on writing materials and conducting teacher-training workshops. Her areas of specialty and interest are teaching writing, teaching reading, business English, academic English, testing, and humor.A prolific author and editor of ELT textbooks, Dorothy has penned everything from the Teddy Bear’s Magic Music teacher’s book to the lowest and highest levels of Macmillan's flagship course Open Mind to the groundbreaking English for Scammers (self-published). In 2012 she founded a micropress, Wayzgoose Press, that publishes fiction, literary non-fiction, and ELT materials.

Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones – usually known as Thom Jones.
Thomas Jones has lived in more than a dozen countries and delivered training in over 70. He is principal of an international college in the summer, teaches at universities and schools around the world and is invited to speak regularly at global conferences year round. He runs his own training company and is a consultant for Telc, and others. He is rubbish at maths, but his mother thinks he is great.

Chuck Sandy

During his long career in Education, Chuck Sandy has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, materials developer, and program director. He is the author of several popular course books, a co-founder of the International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi), and an EdYOUfest pioneer.

Millfield Enterprises EdYOUfest Team

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Mark Greenow

Director of Holiday Courses and Events
Mark Greenow has a wealth of experience having worked on summer schools for over 40 years. He holds many qualifications including a Masters Degree in Modern Language Teaching. He has written a number of EFL books including ‘Relay 3,’ which is a successful and innovative book written especially for English language short courses. He also designed the Course and Vocabulary Organiser which is given to every student who attends the Millfield English Language Courses. Apart from his work at Millfield, Mark is also an examiner for Trinity College London and is currently Vice Chair of English UK South West.

Kate Smook

Director of Studies
Kate Smook has over ten years’ experience of teaching EFL and has worked in China, Russia and Poland. Kate is responsible for the academic side of the Millfield English Language Holiday Courses, recruiting teachers, creating a library of teaching resources and developing the curriculum and syllabus. She is also involved in promoting MELHC at academic conferences and organising events such as the English UK South West conference and EdYOUfest.

Rob Cox

Rob Cox is Senior Events & Courses Co-ordinator.Rob holds a degree with honours in Sports Management and has around 18 years of experience working in various different roles at Millfield, 13 of which have been directly within the Millfield Enterprises team. Rob is the Senior Events & Courses Coordinator leading a team that facilitates courses and events with around 15 different courses and 50 events each year. Throughout his time at Millfield Rob has facilitated events such as the 2012 Russian Pre-Olympic Swim team training camp, Modern Pentathlon World Cup, 16 group International Rugby Festival, Bunbury Cricket festival, English UK South West Conference, Edyoufest Conference, UK School Games and many others. Rob and his team facilitate the booking of general hires of facilities throughout Millfield’s campuses throughout the year.

Tom Darke

Tom Darke is the Senior Administrator for the Millfield English Language Holiday Courses providing support to agents, parents and guardians throughout the entire application process. During the courses, Tom is the Centre Manager of Bruton campus and is also Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and can be contacted with regards to any health or welfare concerns about students.

Media Team

Giampiero Gliubizzi

Giampiero Gliubizzi has been working as a registered freelance journalist in Sicily since 1999. His areas of specialisation include: the agricultural sector, civil protection and communication as well as numerous collaborations with local newspapers and regional as well as national television stations. Giampiero also worked as a manager of communications offices in Sicilian local government between 1991 and 2011. He directed the publication of a prize winning Department of Civil Protection newsletter (called: Drpc Informa) from 2005 to 2009.

EdYOUfest Fellows

EdYOUfest Fellows are individuals who are recognised as being in the vanguard of their profession.
They are people who have made and continue to make a valuable contribution to the areas of interest which coincide with that of EdYOUfest, i.e. language teaching and learning, general education and educational training and development.
We are pleased to welcome these great professionals to EdYOUfest.

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Shanthi Cumaraswamy

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat
Is an independent online business communications trainer. She helps non-native speaking professionals free themselves of the shackles of ‘perfect’ English and coach them to become fearless business communicators." Her mission: “To crush the grammar worrier and release the communication gladiator in non-native speakers of English”


Paul Ponce

Paul Ponce is an English Communication Coach and educational Content Creator. He grew up in Miami Beach and currently lives in Buenos Aires. He has a degree in audiovisual media and communication, and earlier in his career, worked as a television writer and producer. In his free time, he enjoys running, music and journeying into fascinating worlds via stories.

But stories are much more than something he enjoys in his free time. Paul believes stories are the most powerful form of communication. So powerful they can transform any message, vision or experience into something meaningful and memorable. TED Talks are a perfect example of this. Imagine if most business communication had this power, this energy.


Valentina Holubeva

Valentina Holubeva is Board Member of the Belarusian National Association of Teachers of English (BelNATE), Senior Professional Member at Gallery Teachers, Founder and Facilitator of the Teaching English in Belarus Facebook Group and the ICAN English speaking Club. Valentina has taught English to people of different levels and ages, from young learners to V.I.P. clients and advanced international test takers.

Having started her career at school as a teacher, Valentina worked her way up through a doctorate course in communicative linguistics, a twenty-year career in Minsk State Linguistic University, a number of professional development programs in the U.K. and U.S. She often presents at international conferences, including TESOL, and has publications on linguistics and methods of teaching English and education in professional journals, media and in her blog.

Alexandra Chistyakova

Alexandra Chistyakova is an EFL teacher at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. She also works as a freelance tutor giving one-to-one English lessons to the large range of learners: from preschoolers to senior adults. She received her CELTA at BKC-ih, Moscow, in 2011. Her professional interests include: professional development, classroom management techniques, learning skills, learner autonomy, the application of neurobiology and psychology to teaching and learning.

She strongly believes that teachers can greatly benefit from becoming active members of an international ELT community through taking part in ELT events, and through getting together with other educators to exchange ideas and practices.


Judy Loren

Judy Loren has been involved with teaching English for more years than she cares to remember! Starting off in the state sector, she started her own independent school in September 1989. Excel English is now in its 30th year and is in the top 20 of all UK language schools, according to its British Council results. Judy is a DELTA qualified teacher, but now spends her time running and marketing the school. Why after all these years is she still enthusiastic about ELT? “It’s all about the people – our lovely enthusiastic students of all ages (12-84!), the great partners we work with throughout the world and of course the Excel English staff who all contribute to our students having the best possible experience in London.”

Pat Suttman

Pat Suttman graduated in German and then gained an MSc in Tourism. She worked for four years in the tourism industry and then started lecturing in Travel and tourism at the Isle of Wight College in 1991. Since then she has managed a local Language College and is now the International Manager once again at the Isle of Wight College. She has a lot of experience in European funded projects having worked with partners across Europe and beyond for more than twenty years. She loves meeting people from other countries and learning about their culture.

Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is Director / Owner Mackenzie School of English

Bernice Camilleri

Bernice Camillieri has been involved in the field of International Education for the past 17 years, starting off as an ELT teacher, moving on to becoming course coordinator and eventually Director of Studies in Malta. Nowadays, Bernice is still involved in the field of teaching from 2 perspectives – she does teacher training on behalf of the ELT Council in Malta, and she also gives lectures and training in the fields of Marketing, HR, Soft Skills and Personal Development.
Over and above training, Bernice also co-owns and runs two companies: Schools & Agents ( www.schoolsandagents.com ) which is an online platform that connects Education Providers and Education Consultants; and BaiLogik ( www.bailogik.com ) which is an online company that focuses on brand management, communication and social media management.

Alan Brown

Alan Brown is Director of Oxford International

Olga Filatova

Olga Filatova  has been running various training and mentoring sessions for for ESL teachers in the Czech Republic and abroad, for 10 years. This is the way she can share her long-term successful experience of teaching languages and spread the best teaching approaches and techniques.Her purpose is to support ESL teachers with professional advice demonstrating new methods, and keeping them inspired and motivated. 

Alastair Walker

Alastair Walker has been involved with English language teaching for over 30 years as a teacher, academic manager and a school owner /Director. For me it’s not about teaching – it’s about learning. As teachers our aim is to create the optimum conditions for learning to take place. Learning can take place without the teacher – so what is our role in the classroom? Language learning is a fascinating process involving body, heart and mind. As teachers we actively observe, watching and waiting for the right moments to take a lead, inspire, give space for reflection, introduce something new, recycle the old, energise and quieten down – dancing with the class dynamic!! In this way teaching becomes a hugely creative process, always different and always changing. Done with passion, care and attention, not much can match that for job satisfaction!


EdYOUfest History

EdYOUfest was born of Giovanni Rottura and Chuck Sandy’s ideas in the summer of 2015. After hundreds of training and development events for English language teachers all over the world, it was felt that there was a need to organise an event which could give more time to teachers to share their training experiences while also enjoying some fun together.

The principal objective was to create a meeting place in which growing friendships could reinforce collaboration between teachers and would last the whole year.

The name chosen and used from the start was EdYOUfest , ‘educational festival’, with teachers and educational professionals at the heart.

At the start of September 2015, in Genoa, Italy, we collected some of the most well-known trainers from a variety of specialisations from all over the world with the remit to create the basis of a project which, from the very start, would prove to be effective. We then spent 3 days working: presentations, group work and discussions and naturally some great moments for socialising. In the end, an event was revealed and EdYOUfest was born.

2016 saw the first event being publicised to all English language teachers and the chosen venue was ‘la Baia del Corallo di Palermo’, in Sicily. This was the year in which the operational team, Philip Pound, teacher and owner of EFL Magazine and Steve Hirschhorn, well-known teacher-trainer got together. EdYOUfest Sicily put the project into practice; teachers took part in various workshops and had time to get to know each other better through evening activities with music, song and excursions. The success of that first event was and still is evident. This was also when EdYOUfest first became a presence on social media.

In 2017 EdYOUfest took place in France, in the countryside near Paris. Amongst the trainers was Dorothy Zemach - EdYOUfest had really taken off!

In 2018, we were ready for the next step, 3 plenary sessions would be added, and we were aiming for a venue which would have all the necessary, high level facilities. Millfield School, was the ideal destination with the great support team of Millfield Enterprises, directed by Mark Greenow. The result was tremendous, we had 75 participants, 12 workshops and 3 plenary session, 5 business sponsors and 9 new partners.

In November 2018 the new website will be presented, a new committee created comprising 6 people, an extra support from Millfield Enterprises, 12 Fellows and lots of volunteers.

In 2019, we are again at Millfield and we’ll be creating the first event fund to support teachers who might otherwise not be able to join us.

EdYOUfest will continue to promote training and development workshops and will be ever more present on social media

Our Motto: exploring the joy of teaching.

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